About Us

Unlike anything else available today the News Portal Group is an almost non-profit internet marketing group designed with the exclusive aim to help you to promote your business in the most effective and cheapest way possible.

Above is true up to such extend that we almost offer you “co-ownership” of the websites to use as your very own internet marketing group to promote your business, products, services and many other things.

Co-ownership however always the price comes with a price and in this case it’s that little bit extra effort from your side to understand the concept so that you can promote your own business with as many articles, news and information as possible.

With several other concepts and projects build into this group the potential to promote your business is almost endless and all that is necessary is for you to understand and make use of the different opportunities available to you.

Open Source Marketing – The new internet marketing revolution

with commercial software a company employ many programmers to develop a software program and then sell it at an expensive price to cover costs and make a good profit.

With open source software many programmers worldwide collaborate to develop a software program and make it available for free or at low cost.

Since the programming code is open, hence the name open source, anybody with enough knowledge can take this software program and adjust it to his, her or their specific needs.

Instead of software our aim is online marketing and it just depends on yourself whether you just want to make use of everything as a reader and visitor or to become involved and add articles, news, information and whatever you want to help build the group and promote your business at the same time.

You can write almost anything you want and just post your business signature at the bottom thereof.

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