To be honest advertising is expensive and in most cases also not really effective but our aim is to HELP YOU as much as possible.

Our concept was developed over a few years and the perfect method to help you promote your business, products or services but it’s VERY important that you understand how it works.

What scenario below do you prefer?

Website 1

Corporate ownership with 2 directors, 3 managers, 10 journalists and 3 other staff members.  After 1 year the journalists posted 10 000 articles that draw 100 000 visitors per month.

Advertising cost

Banner or other ads = A few thousand rand each
Press release or promotional article = R3000

Website 2

Private ownership with almost no staff but 100 business owners as members. After 1 year the business owners posted 10 000 articles that draw 100 000 visitors per month.

Advertising cost

Membership R235 per year – Press release or promotional articles = Free

A few important facts

The main difference between the two is 1) Corporate ownership and big staff component that require a lot of money versus private ownership at low cost and 2) The number of posted articles done by 10 journalists versus 100’s of members.

Any expert will tell you that CONTENT (i.e. number and quality of articles) are always the most important thing and FAR more effective than advertisements.

The big media guys in fact don’t really make their money with advertising; they make their money with the articles, news, information and YOUR press releases. The more articles and news, the more readers and the more can they charge YOU for advertising.  If they don’t have articles or news nobody will read it and they cannot earn money from advertising.

Almost all the content of the big media guys comes from YOU as business owner and the public so it’s your content that enable them to charge expensive advertising fees to cover their big corporate expenses.

Very Important

The whole goal of the News Portal group is to offer YOU as business owner almost co-ownership so that you can help build the group with content and promote your business at the same time for free.

With 10 websites covering a wide audience you or even your wife, kids and staff can write articles about almost ANYTHING and simply put your business signature at the bottom of each article.

The most important thing is that you USE the news portal group to promote your business but at the same time also take “co-ownership” by ensuring that posted articles is of good quality from a reader and visitor perspective

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