Some Tips In Organizing Your Office

Does your office look like it has never been cleaned or organized for ages and ages? Do you feel embarrassed when someone goes into your office and sees all the clutter and mess there? Do not worry. Here are some tips to help you clean your office, making it organized and clean, not to mention pleasant to look at.

1. Your desk drawers should be cleaned. Take out the unnecessary and outdated files. Free up more storage space.

2. The top of your desk should be cleared off. Wipe off the surface with a damp towel and a cleaner. You probably have forgotten how clean your desk used to be and would be surprised to see it is now clean and orderly.

3. On your desktop, delete all unnecessary items. Keep only the most essential items such as the computer, the phone, or the fax.

4. If this works for you, try creating “in” and “out” boxes for all the persons you have been working with.

5. Do a short quick list of the things that you will be doing every day at your office, preferably, on or near your desk.

6. Your mail could be sorted into “To-Read,” “To-Answer,” “To-File,” or “To-Contact.”

7. Use containers for organizing paper clips, office supplies, and pens.

8. Using trays or desktop organizers for arranging the papers across the desk is helpful.

9. There should be a separate office drawer for personal items and miscellaneous paperwork, among others.

10. If you have many dated files, use similar storage boxes. Label them if you want for easier access when you need the files in the future.

11. Buy magazine boxes for storing publications like magazines, booklets, or catalogs that you intend to keep.

12. Create a file for magazine articles or scan them into your computer.

13. Your system for filing should be simple, manageable, and easy.

14. Your files should be color-coded, making it faster and easier for you to find files.

15. Folders should not be overstuffed. It may take you longer to find something informative in the folders.

16. Do not overload your filing drawers. It will take you more time to access information in your drawers.

17. Larger files should be divided into smaller subfolders.

18. Remove files in your workspace except the files you are working on in order to avoid distractions in your work.




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