Too Many Things, So Little Time? Organize

Too many things, so little time? Organize!

Is your house perennially in chaos that no matter how much you clean it up it just stays the same way every day; dirty and in no kind of order whatsoever? Does it seem like the natural state of your house is disarray and keeping things clean and tidy is a futile business?

Do not fear, there are a few basic tips to keep your home free from disorder. And that doesn't mean you have to do all the cleaning.

Designate a specific job to each member of the family.

Everyone could and should perform their own unique chores in the house. If any family member asks why, the answer is: because you live here too.

Kids can do as much as adults can. What you usually do automatically can be assigned for the able children to do as well, such as: take out the trash, pick up their toys, wash the dishes, sort the laundry, feed the pets. Assigning a specific job to kids not only helps in lightening your home workload, but - more importantly - it teaches the children to be responsible and accountable for their actions.

Appreciate your children's efforts.

A good, clean house is a good reward for any chores the kids do; but more than that, occasional praise and a little ice cream is probably in order. A house that is less chaotic and with everyone helping out to do so, results in more time for the family to do the real fun things. Barbecue perhaps, or a night out at the movies. Just do not forget to clean up after.

The clutter is due to paper.

In a house full of people who have a lot of personal, work and school business to attend to, papers are many in a typical household. Irrelevant mails, flyers or notes from school that are no longer important should not be left lying around the house. Throw it away and save yourself the burden of an overflow of unnecessary paper.

Schedule, schedule, schedule.

Doing so helps establish an order in your day to day work flow and lifestyle. But be just as open to any abrupt changes.

A simple “What to do today” list is enough to direct your day ahead. Doing so helps you have an idea of what to look forward to. At the same time, you are also staying open to any positive possibility the day might bring.




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