Camping Food Need Not Be Just About Junk Foods

When camping, it helps to think light and carry light. However, no matter how pretty the image is of a camp fire with eggs and tasty bacon sizzling in the background, plus hot coffee, reality bites. And reality is heavy.

In order to make real this food camping image, one has to carry to the camping trip all the cooking equipments needed such as a cast iron oven, a cooler, as well as ice to keep food fresh, etc.

The usual options therefore are frozen and dried meals which basically costs much, does not taste like anything at all and are heavy on preservatives and artificial flavors.

Believe it or not, there are a lot better options out there at the grocery store nearest you which provides healthier if not a lot tastier food options. And they are not just instant noodles.

The following are tips to choose the camping food that is right for you.

Weigh in, weigh out

Camping requires a lot of energy walking and traversing trails and trees. So any stuff carried during this time must




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