Lake Camping And Fishing Tips

Lake Camping And Fishing Tips

From their campsite beside the lake, campers can do many activities like fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming or photographing nature.

While just at the campsite, campers are able to delight in simple activities like pitching their tent, making a campfire, sleeping under a tree and cooking.

For that enjoyable weekend starting the minute you arrive, it is good to have these tips in mind:

1. Plan ahead . Be sure to make reservations at least 10 days before. Talk to the Park Rangers to obtain maps of the lake.

2. Know the water before going. Determine the lake's makeup and the kinds of fish that thrives in that area before you head off in order to carry along the right fishing tackle.

3. Bait. It is very impractical to carry minnows on your lake camping trip and at times are not permitted by law.

Leaches, if ever allowed, are good baits take with you; just store them securely in a container in a shady area and change the water often.

4. Food. As bedtime approaches, keep the lake campsite zone free of food clutter. Packed your food in sealed plastic bags and put everything inside a covered food pack and hung it high over a tree limb.

5. Never drink mountain stream water! No matter how clear and clean the mountain stream water may look, still it is flooded with harmful microorganisms that could cause diarrhea. Bring along purified water for drinking always!

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