Home Massage: A Highly Profitable Home Business

Let's face it. America's health consciousness has catapulted during the last five years. Foods low in fat, sugar, and carbohydrates, have topped the must-buy charts. Gyms and fitness clubs have sprung up. More and more Americans at the rate of 10% per year are booking spas and massage parlors. With such a growth, offering a massage “delivered to your door” is not such a bad idea. In fact, it can be a very profitable idea.

For starters, you need not spend on expensive “spa” set-up and equipment because the massage will be done at your client's home. Most of your staff will be direct labor; meaning most of them will be a massage therapist. You will need only one overhead staff, a telephone operator that can double as a therapist scheduler. You may also choose to do this yourself, to ensure proper handling of customer calls.

Spend a little on fluffy towel, good and fragrant oils and training for your therapists and you're on your way to start the business.

You may charge an average of $30- $40 per hour. Out of that, $3 will go to supplies, while $10 will go to the therapist. The rest is profit for your home business. Here are two types of massages that you can offer that your clients should love.


A massage based on a traditional Chinese method of cure, acupressure is the massage version of acupuncture. Acupressure massages the body in a way to redirect the flow of energies, releasing blocked energy centers or “chi,” and thereby achieving balance between yin and yang. To perform acupressure, finger pressure is used on points on the body to stimulate them. This type of massage is ideal for tension and stress pain, constipation, menstrual cramps, bloating and any need for stimulation and rejuvenation. Charge $30 - $35 per hour.


When you see a massage parlor that has a map of the feet displayed outside, chances are, their specialty is reflexology. This type of massage is administered on the feet as it is based on the different reflex points on the feet, which affect major organs of the body. Light to medium pressure is used in reflexology and that in it relaxes the subject. This is ideal for tension pain and tiredness and helps your clients' over-all well being, when done regularly. Before starting the reflexology, throw in a shoulder or head massage while soaking the feet in warm water for more relaxing session. Without the soak, charge $40/hour and throw in another $5 for the foot soak.

With minimal set-up and profits as high as 50% shouldn't you be opening up your dial-a-spa soon?


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