A Mind Game

Stop for one moment and think about the following question.

What is the GOAL of any writing?

The answer is that the goal of any writing is to achieve something. The writing, regardless of being an article, a book, press release, report, business letter, medical journal or love letter, is to let the reader feel something that benefit you in some way.

A writer wrote a book for entertainment purposes yes, but the goal is that as much people as possible feel a desire to buy that book to the financial as well as other benefit of the author. (If many people bought many books of a particular author he/she becomes popular and merely his/her name alone would become good enough to sell more books)

A journalist or freelance columnist wrote news and other articles because it's their job. The better their news, columnist and other articles the more popular they become with accompanying increase of salary, earnings and recognition. (The same also apply for newspapers and magazines. They don't write articles themselves but they USE the articles of their journalists and freelance columnists to earn money)

With a business letter, press release and such things the goal is to let the company earn more money by for example to arrange a deal, ask someone to pay their debt and inform more people about their products and services.

With a medical and other types of journals and publications it may be that the author perhaps don't get money from his/her article, but he benefit from the increased status, recognition and prestige as doctor, scientist and expert in his specific field that in turn leads to increased income.

With a love letter there is perhaps never money involved but it's all about the emotional and personal benefits that you, or the other person, can get out of such letter. You simply don't write a love letter if you don't feel anything for that person and that person doesn't feel anything for you too.

Content, the articles, news and information, are the same

Simply use the content what you write as a goal to achieve various things. You must decide beforehand WHAT you want to achieve and based on that purpose start to write an article.

Post as much information about your town as possible. The goal is to achieve a TOP ranking for each town portal so that YOU can benefit from the marketing power thereof and the only way how to do that is with a lot of articles with the name of the town, and variations thereof if possible, in such articles. (Where the name of your town is the KEYWORD)

Post as much interesting articles as possible. The goal is to attract as much visitors as possible by provide them with interesting, valuable and helpful information because if they like your articles they will start to trust you and what you have to offer.

Post as much goal specific articles as possible. The goal is to provide many articles about various things what directly and/or indirectly benefit you as business owner. The goal of one article can be to explain the benefits of a domain name, the goal of another article to praise the value of having your own website to promote a business while another series of articles teach people and businesses about web hosting, the benefits, how to do this or that and such things.

Simply put, writing articles, news and content is all about mind games where you must write in such way that you one way or another benefits from it.

The two most important benefits are firstly promotional and secondly financial in nature.

Promotion always comes before any financial benefit so the more articles you write to promote that benefit the town portal promotional wise, the more will your financial benefits be at a later stage.

The secret of the mind game of writing articles is to make the article useful, interesting or valuable, in a subtle way leads the reader to the real goal behind the article and then close the article with an appropriate signature.

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