The guidelines are very easy to follow if you just keep one important thing in mind and that is that the customer is King.

You can make full use of the whole website group to promote your business, products, services and yourself as if it is your own marketing group but.....

  • Do to others what you want to be done to yourself.  -  If you don't want people to dish up rubbish to you, then don't dish up rubbish to them.

  • Just as you want information about our offering, so want other people information about your products and services so the more information you provide the better.

  • If writing a minimum of 200 words to promote your business is too much work for you how can you expect our visitors and us to take you seriously if you don't even take you OWN business serious enough to provide INFORMATION about your business?

  • Potential clients cannot see how you looks, whether you smell nice or have professional manners and the only way how they can evaluate you, your business, products or services is by reading the information what you provide  - the better the quality the better the impression that you made on them.

  • The news and town portal group of websites are all about content (information, news, articles) simply because it is far more powerful than any advertisement that you can create. -  By understanding this properly you can benefit so much more.

  • You will reap what you sow and if we all plough enough quality content into the whole group to both build the group and promote our individual businesses we will all reap the benefits thereof.

  • Search engines don't like identical content so, while you may post the same article on different websites, please be sure to change the wording of the whole article.

  • Remember that your writing style must match the relevant website and/pr category.  Hey guys would be ok for the Teen News website but at the Business News website it will just gives a bad impression of your professionalism.

  • The very best is to write informative, helpful and newsworthy articles and just subtle promote your business via the signature at the bottom thereof.  

  • As the saying goes a picture can say more than a thousands words - The same also apply to an insightful article because it will instantly let people know they can trust you and that you know what you are talking about.  

In conclusion don't just use the website group to promote your business but also take responsibility for it so that it can help you even more.

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