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Alone in the dark

Things do not start off well for Edward Carnby in the latest incarnation of Alone in the Dark, as we found out rather quickly after hea

Hellboy: The Science of Evil Hands-On

Last night, we had the opportunity to attend Konami's Gamer's Night event here in San Francisco. After focusing on the big guns durin

Speed Racer

It's just a straightforward kid's movie with the best darned effects this side of Space Mountain.Now for the caveats portion of our r

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

The director, Andrew Adamson, seems more confident; the action scenes are smoother and more polished. The Christian allegories are not

Horton Hears A Who!

If you want the short version of my review of Horton Hears a Who!, the latest Dr. Seuss book to be adapted for the big screen, it is as

Run Fatboy Run

When one thinks of the off-kilter, sometimes very bizarre comedy of Michael Ian Black (a writer and performer on the television shows T

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

When Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was released in October 2007 on the PC, it was lauded as a feverish multiplayer shooter for its object

Lego Indiana Jones

Now that Traveller's Tales has conquered a galaxy far, far away, it has set its sights on giving a Lego makeover to a more terrestrial

Indiana Jones works but doesnt shine

Quite why Ford, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas -- three of the wealthiest men in Hollywood -- should feel the need to resurrect Indi


It's impressive how far slitting a dinosaur's neck can go toward saving an otherwise mediocre game from becoming immediate bargain-bi
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