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Growth Of News Industry

Internet usage has about drastic change in every Industry. News Industry is also not the exception. The rise of Internet has contributed much change in News Industry. The pre-requisites of news that reaches to maximum number of people should pass following criteria:

Newest information of about happenings from all over the world


Now this all is possible with the increase use of Internet. More and more people are using Internet as a preferred means to get the news from all corners. According to Nielsen rating, recent readership of New York Post's website shows that New York post recorded 3.4 million readers in the months of December alone which makes it the fourth most popular online newspaper. This figure was 40% high from last month 75% from December 2002. It has moved in front of Daily news and News day and is aiming to move in front of USA Today, Washington Post and New York Times.

These were the examples of growing trends of Internet newspapers. More number of are attracted towards Internet to get the latest news. So online versions of newspapers are receiving greater attention and achieving increased readership day by day. The Internet means allows even the smallest newspapers to achieve greater audience increased readership and can also compete with some major newspapers and news channels in the mission of bring increased readership by providing latest news. This has been made possible only with the benefits that the Internet has contributed to news industry.

The primary benefits that Internet has provided to news industry are:

1. The news is the latest one

2. Viewers can get access to news any time hey prefer. This means that there is no fixed time to get access to news as it was in case of print media and news channel on TV news. This has been possible only through Internet. Now whenever viewers want to update their knowledge with the latest news they can open their computer and open the news related websites and can fulfill their desire. They are not bounded by time anymore.

3. Print newspapers cannot be updated any time and cannot have most up-to-date news while Internet sites can be updated at any time can be accommodated up-to-date news

4. Print media have limitation of pages while Television media has limitation of time but Internet have no such limitation and viewers can access the news that may be of any length and at any time up to any time.

5. The printed Newspapers can be lost or may get destroyed because it has physical existence and after it is lost the viewer can to access to news but while using Internet since the news do not have any physical existence so the viewer can get access to news of any past time like he can get access to 2 year old news also.

6. Unlike TV channels news can be retained on Computer hard disk or websites.